orthopedic in sri lanka - artificial limbs in sri lanka - Matammana Orthopedic Suppliers Company
orthopedic in sri lanka - artificial limbs in sri lanka - Matammana Orthopedic Suppliers Company
orthopedic in sri lanka - artificial limbs in sri lanka - Matammana Orthopedic Suppliers Company
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  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified

    Since the establishment of our company in 185, our company has gained a reputation for supplying a quality product and service according to German standards. We continuously work towards improving what we offer for our customers and have initiated the ISO Quality management system to guaranty quality, service and reliability to our customers. Since June 2012, Matammana Orthopedic Technologies holds as the only prosthetics and orthotics company in Sri Lanka the ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification to serve you better.

  • German Qualified and Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists

    To manufacture or recommend any type of orthopedic appliance, competent expertise is required to guaranty a product that will help you overcome your temporary hurdle of disability. Our highly trained and qualified team of prosthetists and orthotists, who all receive their training and certification in Germany will ensure that you are well taken care of when receiving an orthopedic aid. Under the supervision of our chairman and founder Mr. Dieter Wendland, who possess over 50 years of experience in the field, our P & O’s continue to offer you a personalized service and quality appliance at all times.

  • Otto Bock Orthopedic Industries C-LEG certified Company

    Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH Germany, is the market leader in manufacturing orthopedic appliances and prosthetic and orthotic components in the world. Carrying the slogan “Quality for Life” the functionality and build quality of each of their products stand unmatched in the global market of modern Orthopedics. As the first company to introduce a microprocessor controlled knee joint to the world market, Otto Bock has set new standards in the area of prosthetics combining safety, performance and comfort for transfemoral amputees.

    Matammana Orthopedic Technologies as official partner of Otto Bock in Sri Lanka, have on offer the world renowned Computerised Leg (C-LEG) prosthetic System.

    We at M.O.T. the first and only only company certified in Sri Lanka to introduce and offer this prosthetic system to Sri Lanka. For further details please contact our P & O staff.

  • Ministry of Health certified Company

    Our company commenced operations as a BOI approved project to manufacture orthopedic appliances. Furthermore we have been registered and certified by the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka since commencement of our operations.

    We proudly announce the we hold the “Private Helath Services Regulatory Council” certification from the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka which is renewed every year to assure our customers security of a harmless appliance to their health and wellbeing.

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Latest Technologies and Products

Newly Developed "SACH" foot for hard use
Over the period of 3 decades of manufacturing orthopedic appliances our research and testing has led us to continuously improve each and every product matching the daily use and environment it is surrounded by. The prosthetic foot being a vulnerable part to wear and tear on a prosthesis, we have developed and designed am improved "SACH" foot for hard use. At a low manufacturing cost and maintenance it has proven to be a a reliable and solid part for high demanding users. Contact our P & O’s for more details.
Water Proofed Below Knee Prosthesis
For everyone who wishes to bathe with their prosthesis on or wade through water we have designed a water proofed artificial limb manufactured at a low cost out of local materials. This enables easy servicing and repairing at a reasonable price.
Computer Programmed Knee (C-Leg)
The C-LEG sets a new standard in prosthetics comfort, performance and safety. Using the latest technology from Germany we are able to build up an above knee prosthesis which lets you step back into life without compromises. Ask our P&O’s for a demonstration on this high tech product available only at M.O.T. in Sri Lanka.
For more information please follow the link. www.ottobock.com/c-leg
Diabetic Footwear
Diabetes has become very common in Sri Lanka and many suffer with this illness. One of the first parts of the body which are affected are the feet. Ulcers, numbness and swelling occur on the lower part of the leg resulting in not being able to walk comfortably. We now have in our range many designs of special diabetic footwear to keep your feet pain free and clear of ulcers. Contact our P&O’s or visit our showroom either in Minuwangoda or Ceylinco Healthcare at Hyde Park Corner Colombo.
Breast Prosthesis
Breast cancer mostly results in having to remove either part of the breast or in whole. Silicone and special Foam breast prosthesis are available to cover up for the loss and let you feel like before again. Various types of silicone prosthesis are of offer depending on what matches and makes you feel comfortable.
Also available are wigs for hair loss after chemotherapy. Contact our showroom or Customer consultation center at Cylinco Helathcare at Hyde Park Corner Colombo for more details.
Otto Bock "AQUA LINE" Water proof products
As another first in the field of Orthopedics Otto Bock has introduced a range of water proofed prosthesis under the name of "Aqualine" . Now available in Sri Lanka only through M.O.T.
For further details please check the following link.

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