Upper Extremity Prosthetics and Orthotics

Below Elbow arm prosthesis

Corset made out of flexible polypropelene, for correction of spine deformity (Skoliosis), and proper posture. This orthesis is manufactured to the latest corset designs in practice in Europe. We work closely together with the docter to ensure fast results to avoid further deformation of the spine.

Below Elbow Arm Prosthesis

Below Elbow arm prosthesis with plastic laminate socket, cable operated active hand unit imported from Otto Bock Orthopedic Industries in Germany with cosmetic glove matching to skin color.
The cosmetic glove is matched and custom made from Germany.
This prosthesis is only available as import from Germany to ensure a high quality long lasting product.

Below Elbow cable operated active hands and cosmetic passive hands

Latest 2014 Otto Bock 'Michelangelo' Bionic Hand with 5 finger movement

Braces for spine injuries

Braces for Scoliosis spine deformity

Above Elbow electronic arm with automated 'Dynmaic Arm' Elbow unit and 'Myo' hand unit.

Cable Operated Above Elbow Arm

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